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More Than8+ Years Your Trusted cloths supplier emerged onto the scene in 2015, taking on a dual role as both a manufacturer and supplier. Over the years, our production facilities in Vietnam and the Philippines have crafted garments for renowned brands, although, due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to disclose their identities. Our dedicated team of designers and skilled workers has had the privilege of creating apparel for millions of women over the past decade. Witnessing our clients share their photos online, beaming with happiness, has reinforced our belief that we are not merely producing clothing; we are also crafting moments of delight and joy. Today, stands as an independent business, proudly offering products directly from our own factories. These items showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional quality at affordable prices. We view this direct approach as a win-win, benefitting both our cherished clients and our manufacturing team. was born from the inspiration of a passionate group of young individuals determined to make a meaningful impact in the fashion industry.

A Fair and Unbiased Haven for Independent Designers


At, we’ve taken a different approach to the fashion industry. Instead of catering exclusively to big fashion brands, we’re committed to providing an impartial platform for small brands and emerging designers who crave a larger audience for their creations.


Connecting Designers and Customers Directly


We’re here to revolutionize the traditional fashion business model by eliminating unnecessary middlemen between designers and customers. This means we can swiftly deliver the latest designs to our valued customers, reaching a wider audience faster than ever before.

A Socially Responsible Market Player proudly supports fashion designers and brands that prioritize the use of recyclable materials in their creations. Drawing from our founder’s early experience in the fashion industry, our team places extra emphasis on the well-being of employees. We exclusively collaborate with brands that offer equitable treatment and salaries to their workforce. Additionally, a portion of our revenue is dedicated to charitable contributions, aiding in the global fight against extreme poverty.


Our Headquarters and Logistics Hub


Based in the United Kingdom, Vofey.Us is a registered business entity with its very own logistics center nestled in Singapore. While many online fashion retailers typically opt for North America for their logistics centers, we’ve chosen Singapore for its world-class delivery capabilities and capacity. This strategic choice also helps reduce delivery costs for our customers, as most of our factories are located in Asia.


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